Program Category: Book Launches


Book Launch: Dancing Rain

27 Oct 2016 15:30 /

Jane Ardaneshwari wrote her first poem in fourth grade. After almost four decades of hibernation, she returned to poems, and Dancing Rain – her first poetry anthology – includes 101 …

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Book Launch: Ganga to Mekong: A Cultural Voyage Through Textiles

27 Oct 2016 16:00 /

Textiles have been the binding factor in the cultural history of India and Southeast Asia from times immemorial. This book traces the journey of these textiles, and how they enticed …

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Book Launch: Zero: When Journey Takes You Home

27 Oct 2016 16:30 /

After 10 years, the traveller returns home and comes face-to-face with one reality he has always feared: his mother is on the brink death. He recounts his journey, page after …

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Book Launch: Bhagavad Gita (Nyanyian Tuhan)

27 Oct 2016 17:30 /

Bhagavad-gῑtā is the ‘Ambassador of Divine Love’, which breaks through differences of ethnicity, race, colour, and religion. Containing deeply universal messages of love and humanity, this translation from the Hindi …

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Book Launch: Looking for Bali

27 Oct 2016 18:00 /

From village healers making house calls to fishermen coming home from sea, Looking for Bali is a new collection of lush, full-colour images from photographer Michael Dean Morgan documenting the …

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Book Launch: 31 Guys 31 Lessons & Candle Hope

28 Oct 2016 15:30 /

Join Maeya for the launch of her two books and a bonus writing workshop on happiness. Learn from the author of 31 Guys 31 Lessons (2015), which tells the stories …

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Book Launch: The BE Book

28 Oct 2016 16:00 /

Part-autobiography and part hands-on guidebook, The BE Book is a refreshing blast of fresh air. It’s a wake-up call to the parts of us that have long been asleep, an …

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Book Launch: Far From Boring

28 Oct 2016 16:30 /

Tony Gwilliam belongs to an extraordinary generation of artists, activists, and architects who insisted on approaching the challenges of designing shelter with radically open minds. Far From Boring recounts his …

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Book Launch: Senirasa: A Cooking Companion for Indonesian Recipes

28 Oct 2016 17:00 /

Indonesian home cooking can be complicated, so how to capture all of its nuances in a recipe? Senirasa dives deep into the spice world, examining the different spices from thousands …

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Book Launch: Erstwhile: A Communion of Time

29 Oct 2016 15:30 /

Rafa is an Indonesian who runs his family’s business, and has a deep passion for artefacts. In the pursuit of his passion, he ends up taking a journey through time, …

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The Little Gibbon Who Lost His Song

Little Gibbon and his family become separated as a fire spreads in their beautiful forest home. He goes on an epic journey, with wonderful forest friends, to search the deepest …

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Book Launch: Balinese Textiles for Gods and People & Balinese Painting and Sculpture

29 Oct 2016 16:00 /

These two books unveil extraordinary pieces of Balinese art from the extensive collections of Krzysztof (Christophe) Musial, assembled over the last 20 years, including sumptuous late-19th century double ikat geringsings, …

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Book Launch: Tales of Two Cities

29 Oct 2016 16:30 /

Hong Kong and Singapore: two cities that encapsulate the buzz and culture of Asia. These 23 stories by the Hong Kong Writers Circle and the Singapore Writers’ Group present four …

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Book Launch: Women in Bali

29 Oct 2016 17:00 /

Bali is a living island, and Bruna Rotunno’s photographs reflect a harmony that is continually reinvented. These portraits are an homage to creative energy, to the island, and to all …

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Book Launch: Stolen

29 Oct 2016 17:00 /

Stolen is a photo book that documents the story of Timor-Leste’s children, taken to Indonesia during 1975–99 conflict. It captures the pain and joy of the now adults as they’re …

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Book Launch: UWRF Anthology Launch 2016: Tat Tvam Asi

29 Oct 2016 17:30 /

Meet the emerging voices of Indonesia, selected to be part of the UWRF’s groundbreaking annual anthology. Hear these 16 exceptional authors read from their compelling, diverse works of prose and …

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Book Launch: Ground Zero (CD Launch)

30 Oct 2016 11:00 /

Human rights lawyer and singer-songwriter Patrick (Pat) Burgess will talk and perform songs about writing and recording his new album, recently released internationally. Subjects include Cambodia, Iraq, East Timor, New …

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Book Launch: Tigress

30 Oct 2016 15:30 /

Tigress is a soul-searching journey of 52 different spoken-word poems that respond to raw emotions and the process of growing up. Containing stories about the longing for home, self-acceptance, and …

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Book Launch: Jakarta Arts Council: Poetry Launch

30 Oct 2016 16:00 /

Join publisher Gramedia Pustaka Utama and Dewan Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Arts Council) for the launch of three poetry collections, showcasing the work of the winners of the Jakarta Arts Council’s …

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Book Launch: Truth Without Fear

30 Oct 2016 17:30 /

This book of poetry is concerned with the deep female inner voice expressing itself on topics ranging from true love, the rejection of hypocrisy, and Indonesian nationalism. Dig deep with …

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