Program Category: Art Exhibitions

Bali’s artistic capital, Ubud is home to a vast array of galleries, museums and cafes hosting exhibitions. Nourish your appreciation for visual art with our free Art Exhibitions or, even better, come along for the opening night.

Art Exhibition | There is No Truth, Only Honesty

Sanggar Bares is a drawing community for children founded in 2017 in Ubud by Balinese artist Nyoman Bratayasa. Nurturing freedom of imagination, this community encourages children to spend their free …

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Art Exhibition | X Visit Bali Year X #3

Since 2003, Slinat (short for “silly in art”) has captured various local social issues through his highly distinctive art. One of his most iconic images is a Balinese girl whose …

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Art Exhibition | Gundala: A 50 Year Journey

24 Oct 2019 17:00 /

Gundala was first created and published by Hasmi in 1969. Now, 50 years after his first appearance, Gundala is still one of the most famous and best-loved Indonesian superhero characters. …

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Art Exhibition | Karma Phala

The creator of the UWRF19 artwork, Samuel Indratma is a community visual artist and one of the Founders of the prominent Yogyakarta public art collective, Apotik Komik. To translate the …

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Art Exhibition | Stories from Mt. Agung

24 Oct 2019 10:00 /

In February 2018, Yayasan Mudra Swari Saraswati visited children at a camp for Mount Agung evacuees in Karangasem. They shared their stories of trauma through drawing and poetry. This exhibition …

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Art Exhibition | Celebrating the Ubud School of Painting: Diversity of Visual Language

This group exhibition celebrates the diverse visual language of the historical Ubud School of Painting and the Balinese Hindu philosophies of Tri Hita Kirana (harmony between humanity, nature and the …

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Art Exhibition | Sagilik Saguluk Art Fair

The Sagilik Saguluk Art Fair, initiated by some of Bali’s most prolific artists, brings together a selection of Indonesia’s most interesting contemporary artists to provide a unique opportunity to buy …

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Art Exhibition | Maladjustment

Maladjustment brings together key works by three internationally recognized female artists, Arahmaiani, I GAK Murniasih, and Mary Lou Pavlovic. The exhibition explores violence against women and intercultural feminisms. Comprising feminist …

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