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Program Category: Art Exhibitions

Bali’s artistic capital, Ubud is home to a vast array of galleries, museums and cafes hosting exhibitions. Nourish your appreciation for visual art with our free Art Exhibitions or, even better, come along for the opening night.

Art Exhibition | Ooh…Normal Life

When Andy Syah Raya Saragih had the opportunity to live in London and Spain for six months, most of his days were spent studying in museums, libraries, and art galleries. …

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Art Exhibition | i-NTERLEAVE

A solo exhibition by I Nyoman Arisana, i-NTERLEAVE presents nine works characterized by a stark interruption of the drawing space by bold, solid colors — foreign objects and/or space distortion. …

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Art Exhibition | Bali Megarupa IV/2022: Ranu-Wiku-Waktu (Semesta Cipta Sastra Rupa)

Bali Megarupa IV, exhibited 116 works in four locations: Gedung Kriya Art Centre Denpasar, Puri Lukisan Museum, Neka Ubud Museum, and the ARMA Ubud Museum. This year’s exhibition entitled RANU-WIKU-WAKTU, …

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Art Exhibition | Oprasi#5 – Extended Narrative

Prasi is a variety of works of art using palm leaves as the medium. In the classical era, Prasi was included in the lontar (Bali’s Palm-Leaf Manuscripts) literary text with …

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Art Exhibition | Bakti – Chanting for Humanity

Niluh Pangestu is a young Balinese artist who specializes in graphic arts techniques, especially linocut. In this showcase, we present the main work of the UWRF theme Memayu Hayuning Bawana, …

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Art Exhibition | Kata Untuk Perempuan

The Words for Women project was initiated by a collage workshop conducted by Ika Vantiani in October 2015. There she asked participants a question, “What is one single word that …

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Art Exhibition | Bali in a Book of Memories

28 Oct 2022 10:00 /

In response to the novel Yang Menari Dalam Bayangan Inang Mati by Ni Made Purnama Sari, artist Erica Hestu Wahyuni paints iconic illustrations of Bali in a naïvely innocent depiction. …

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Art Exhibition | Lukisan Sukma

28 Oct 2022 17:30 /

The art exhibition Lukisan Sukma (Soul Painting) showcases paintings and prints by Susiawan. Using the visual language of abstraction that emphasizes the power of line and color, Susiawan expresses his …

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Pentimento in My Paintings

The word pentimento is derived from the Latin “paenitere” meaning to repent or to change your mind. In art “Pentimento” refers to the compositional changes made by an artist while …

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