Program Category: Festival Club

Join daily Festival Club sessions with young speakers and inspiring figures, discussing diverse topics, including literature, social issues, and the environment.

Festival Club | Nurturing Indonesia’s Creative Hidden Talents for 2045

19 Oct 2023 16:00 /

Explore the Manajemen Talenta Nasional (MTN) program, an Indonesian government initiative aimed at uncovering Indonesia’s hidden talents. This initiative aims to foster globally acclaimed talent for Indonesia Emas 2045. Within …

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Festival Club | Bali’s Tomorrow through Citizen Journalism

19 Oct 2023 17:30 /

The Bali community journalism portal, Balebengong, organized the Citizen Journalism Award (AJW) earlier this year under the theme ‘Duang D(asa) Pulau Dewata: Imagining Bali 20 Years Later.’ In this session, …

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Festival Club | Innovative Voices in Indonesian Library & Publishing

19 Oct 2023 19:00 /

Nihlah and Nishrin Assegaf, Founders of Foreword Library in South Jakarta and Syarafina Vidyadhana from Cahyati Press, a printing and publishing initiative in Bali, come together in this session to …

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Festival Club | Exploring Indonesian Literature with Indolitclub

20 Oct 2023 16:00 /

Join the Indolitclub and its Co-Founder, Toni Pollard, in collaboration with the Indonesian Heritage Society Book Group as they delve into the narratives from two recent publications by the Lontar …

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Festival Club | Ian Burnet – Joseph Conrad’s Eastern Voyages

20 Oct 2023 17:30 /

Ian Burnet, an Australian writer known for his focus on the stories of the Indonesian archipelago, invites us on an enthralling voyage into the captivating seafaring realm of Joseph Conrad, …

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Festival Club | Rancage Literary Award Celebration

20 Oct 2023 19:00 /

The Rancage Literary Award is bestowed upon individuals who have made remarkable contributions to the advancement of regional languages and literature in Indonesia. Join this session where the Rancage Cultural …

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Festival Club | Mark Heyward’s Memoir – Glass Islands

20 Oct 2023 19:00 /

Mark Heyward’s memoir, Glass Islands, is described as “a heartfelt love-song to the place he has made his home, and to his own Indonesian family.” The book narrates Heyward’s life …

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Festival Club | Darryl Jones – Curlews on Vulture Street

20 Oct 2023 20:30

Darryl Jones, an esteemed Australian academic, researcher, speaker, and author, leads a witty and rollicking exploration of the lives of common urban birds in his latest book, Curlews on Vulture …

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Festival Club | Tell Me Tales: Children’s Story Creation in Bali

21 Oct 2023 16:00 /

The book TELL ME TALES is a collaborative effort by Jong Santiasa Puta, Juli Sastrawan, and Irene Febry, in partnership with CushCush Gallery and LagiLagi as part of the Charcoal …

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Festival Club | Sung-il Kim – Blood of the Old Kings

21 Oct 2023 17:30 /

“What do you do when you are under an oppression that is so powerful and ubiquitous that it feels like an inevitability? History has many people who rose against such …

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