Program Category: Festival Club @ Bar Luna


Festival Club: Stories, Cloth, and Toraja

27 Oct 2016 16:00 /

Discover the story behind the work of the Sa’dan Toraja weavers, and two sisters – Dinny and Nina Jusuf – who have dedicated themselves to reviving, preserving and celebrating this …

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Festival Club: Archipelago: A Journey Across Indonesia

All aboard for an island-hopping adventure through Indonesia with voyager and historian, Ian Burnet. From Java to Timor, he’ll share stories and pictures of this diverse land – from the …

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Festival Club: Writers Respond to Tat Tvam Asi

Taking inspiration from the Festival’s theme, a group of emerging writers share their work and reflections on the prismatic nature of Tat Tvam Asi – ‘I am you, you are …

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Titanic The Midnight Watch

Festival Club: Titanic – Midnight Watch

Deep in the dark night of 15 April, 1912, as the Titanic sailed through the still waters of iceberg alley, there was a ship just miles away – a ship …

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Poets Club

Festival Club: Poet’s Club

Fresh material and literary miscellany, the Festival’s favourite wordsmiths whip up a wild night of spoken word, live tunes, and indie vibes.

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Indonesia's Colonial Legacies

Festival Club: Hidden Legacy

Colonial rule leaves behind a legacy of secrets waiting to be uncovered, along with questions of identity, migration and dislocation. Through a personal exploration of Dutch rule in Indonesia, one …

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Festival Club: Babies & Bylines

Witty, irreverent and honest, Pallavi Aiyar shares her experiences as a working journalist raising two young boys in three very different cities: Beijing, Brussels, and Jakarta. Grab a drink and …

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Ubuntu by Motorbike

Festival Club: Ubuntu & the Art of Motorcycle Riding

Heather Ellis invites you on a life-changing odyssey across Africa by motorcycle. She’ll share her journey through one of the world’s most fascinating regions, and her search into the traditional …

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Festival Club: Neu! Reekie!

Scotland’s favourite avant-garde noisemakers come to the UWRF stage! Don’t miss this chance to catch Neu! Reekie!’s unique performance – expect a mash-up of music, poetry and spoken word, animation …

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The Little Gibbon Who Lost His Song

Little Gibbon and his family become separated as a fire spreads in their beautiful forest home. He goes on an epic journey, with wonderful forest friends, to search the deepest …

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Fire on the Front Line

Festival Club: Fire on the Front Line

When haze from forest fires swamped the region in 2015, activist and filmmaker Emmanuela Shinta was in Central Borneo, on the front line of the crisis. Catch this screening of …

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Glamour of Strangeness

Festival Club: The Glamour of Strangeness

Have you felt that indescribable pull? Is something in the world calling out to you? Jamie James believes there are tourists, travellers and “a third species, those who roam the …

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Spitit of Punk

Festival Club: Spirit of Punk

It’s open mic for writers! Spirit of Punk is a wordslam and reading event that evokes the ethos of punk rock: to have a go and have your voice heard. …

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Titanic The Midnight Watch

Festival Club: Late Night Laughs

When a man publishes a book, there are so many stupid things said that he declares he’ll never do it again. The praise is almost always worse than the criticism …

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