Program Category: After Dark

As the sun sets, the Festival comes alive with our dynamic After Dark program. From electrifying performances by some of Indonesia’s  top acts  to watching on as Festival favorites take to the stage, our After Dark program celebrates the Festival’s diverse poets, musicians, dancers and performers.

Film Screening | All is Forgiven, Because We Have Been Happy (2017)

23 Oct 2019 15:00 / /

Directed by Katia Engel and Paul Agusta, this documentary explores the life of poet, cultural activist, and playwright Leon Agusta, who was born in Sigiran, Lake Maninjau, West Sumatra in …

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Live Music & Arts | Women of Words Poetry Slam

23 Oct 2019 20:00 / /

For the annual Women of Words Poetry Slam we’re looking for powerful poems exploring feminist karma. Bahasa Indonesia, English, free verse or rhyme – raise your voice and find strength …

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Live Music & Arts | Piknik Puisi dan Ekspresi – Thursday

24 Oct 2019 17:00 / /

As the sun sets, head to Taman Puisi for an hour devoted to your own writing and expression. Piknik Puisi dan Ekspresi (Poetry and Expression Picnic) is open to all …

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Festival Club | Jessica Jackley and Reza Aslan: An Interfaith Life

Indonesia has one of the world’s most religiously diverse populations – but can different faiths co-exist in a marriage? With interfaith unions on the rise, Christian Jessica Jackley and Muslim …

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Festival Club | Inside Studios

The artist’s studio is a sacred space where magic happens. Art historian Alexandra Corradini has stepped into the private creative realms of Indonesian contemporary artists, and explored their studios and …

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Live Music & Arts | Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre Dancers

24 Oct 2019 18:30 / /

Radiant textiles, gleaming jewelry, and a beat that’s impossible to resist – this is why Indian dancing never fails to entertain. On the evening of the second day of UWRF, …

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Live Music & Arts | Moving Poetry

24 Oct 2019 19:00 / /

Grab a chair and settle in as Festival poets bring their work to life. From the page to the stage, poetry is always a fundamental part of UWRF, so join …

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Festival Club | Boy Mestizo

Kiwi-Filipino comedian James Roque always thought that all his hang-ups about race came from moving to New Zealand as a kid. However, he’s since realized he’d accidentally checked in some …

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Live Music & Arts | PechaKucha

24 Oct 2019 19:30 /

Global performance phenomenon PechaKucha – now in more than 1,000 cities – sees Festival artists present 20 images for 20 seconds each. With dozens of daring ideas set to bubble …

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Film Screening | Etanan (2018)

24 Oct 2019 20:00 / /

Directed by Riandhani Yudha Pamungkas, this documentary explores the natural beauty of Mount Bromo, Watu Ulo Beach, Mount Ijen, Madakaripura Waterfall and other wonders of the Tapal Kuda area, the …

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Festival Club | The Poets Club

Rhythm, verse, stanza, space. Poetry has a way of going straight to the heart. Join host Maeve Marsden as she serenades you while some of the Festival’s star wordsmiths whip …

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Festival Club | Frank Palmos: Living Dangerously

Veteran Australian journalist, translator and historian Frank Palmos was one of the obvious inspirations for the novel The Year of Living Dangerously, which was adapted into a film starring Mel …

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Live Music & Arts | Piknik Puisi dan Ekspresi – Friday

25 Oct 2019 17:00 / /

As the sun sets, head to Taman Puisi for an hour devoted to your own writing and expression. Piknik Puisi dan Ekspresi (Poetry and Expression Picnic) is open to all …

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Festival Club | Jenny Zhang: Sour Heart

Centered on a community of immigrants precariously balanced on the edge of poverty in 1990s New York City, the stories that make up Sour Heart examine the ways that family …

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Live Music & Arts | Simi’s Circus

25 Oct 2019 19:00 / /

Roll up, roll up! An emerging author, Simi Genziuk has spent 20 years performing as a trapeze artist with traditional circuses around Australia and with contemporary circuses around the world. …

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Festival Club | Didiet Maulana: Indonesian Chic

In 2011, Didiet Maulana established his own brand, Ikat Indonesia, with a mission to develop Indonesian woven fabric as the focus of his fashion line. He has garnered international praise …

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Live Music & Arts | Poetry Slam

25 Oct 2019 20:00 / /

Get prepared to get loud: live literature hits the stage for the annual UWRF Poetry Slam, one of the Festival’s most sizzling events. From global poets to local sensations, who …

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Festival Club | On the Road Again

We’ve gathered a stellar lineup of UWRF’s finest globetrotters to regale you with travel stories both tall and true. There’s nothing left for you to do but order a beer …

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Film Screening | JAFTA Short Films Showcase

26 Oct 2019 15:00 / /

Jamaica Film and TV Association (JAFTA) is a non-profit association representing Jamaica’s film and tv industry. Some of the films in this showcase were created wholly independently by JAFTA members …

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Festival Club | Claire G. Coleman: The Old Lie

Claire G. Coleman burst onto the scene with the incredibly clever Terra Nullius (no spoilers!) Her follow-up novel, The Old Lie, examines just what happens when we fail to learn …

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