Program Category: After Dark


Live Music & Arts: Pecha Kucha

26 Oct 2016 20:30 /

Ignite your ideas with a fast and furious Pecha Kucha night at Betelnut. Brave Festival artists step out on stage to share what they’re passionate about in the 20×20 format: …

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Festival Club: Stories, Cloth, and Toraja

27 Oct 2016 16:00 /

Discover the story behind the work of the Sa’dan Toraja weavers, and two sisters – Dinny and Nina Jusuf – who have dedicated themselves to reviving, preserving and celebrating this …

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Festival Club: Archipelago: A Journey Across Indonesia

All aboard for an island-hopping adventure through Indonesia with voyager and historian, Ian Burnet. From Java to Timor, he’ll share stories and pictures of this diverse land – from the …

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Live Music & Arts: Women of Words Poetry Slam

27 Oct 2016 18:00 / /

Calling all women of words – take the mic to celebrate strength and sisterhood. Rejoicing in women’s courage and spirituality, bodies and minds, this slam will have you raising your …

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Festival Club: Writers Respond to Tat Tvam Asi

Taking inspiration from the Festival’s theme, a group of emerging writers share their work and reflections on the prismatic nature of Tat Tvam Asi – ‘I am you, you are …

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Film Program: Melancholy is a Movement

Melancholy Is A Movement revolves around the ideals of a filmmaker, whose life is interrupted by an incident. Dynamics of friendship, and the need to pay rent, sees the main …

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Special Event: Women of Letters

27 Oct 2016 19:00 /

A literary fixture in Australia and the the USA, this unique evening celebrates the lost art of letter writing with a handpicked selection of Festival guests asked to write, and …

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Titanic The Midnight Watch

Festival Club: Titanic – Midnight Watch

Deep in the dark night of 15 April, 1912, as the Titanic sailed through the still waters of iceberg alley, there was a ship just miles away – a ship …

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Poets Club

Festival Club: Poet’s Club

Fresh material and literary miscellany, the Festival’s favourite wordsmiths whip up a wild night of spoken word, live tunes, and indie vibes.

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Live Music & Arts: Poetronica

27 Oct 2016 21:00 / /

Don’t miss this UWRF exclusive – a lyrical, multi-layered performance where writers and musicians will interact to create a one-of-a-kind poetry-meets-electronica experience. See these Festival poet’s work transformed by local …

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Special Event: Talking Fiction with Lionel Shriver

28 Oct 2016 17:00 /

Lauded by readers and critics alike, Lionel Shriver has given us some of the most acclaimed and compelling works of fiction of recent years. Raise a glass and join an …

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Indonesia's Colonial Legacies

Festival Club: Hidden Legacy

Colonial rule leaves behind a legacy of secrets waiting to be uncovered, along with questions of identity, migration and dislocation. Through a personal exploration of Dutch rule in Indonesia, one …

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Live Music & Arts: The Music of Cervantes

28 Oct 2016 18:00 / /

Celebrating the 400-year legacy of Spanish master author Miguel Cervantes, join Indonesian pianist Ananda Sukarlan and soprano Mariska Setiawan for a journey through his words, as they bring to life …

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Fringe Event: 15 tahun Supernova

28 Oct 2016 18:00 / /

Temukan Kstaria, Puteri, dan Bintang Jatuh lalu lewati Akar, melawan Petir bersama Partikel menembus Gelombang alam yang dikuasai Intelegensi Embun Pagi. Ini adalah petualangan Dee dalam 15 tahun berkarya. Sesi …

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Festival Club: Babies & Bylines

Witty, irreverent and honest, Pallavi Aiyar shares her experiences as a working journalist raising two young boys in three very different cities: Beijing, Brussels, and Jakarta. Grab a drink and …

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Special Event: People of Letters

28 Oct 2016 19:00 /

A literary fixture in Australia and the USA, this unique evening celebrates the lost art of letter writing. A handpicked selection of Festival guests will share ‘A Letter To The …

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Live Music & Arts: Emerging Writers – National Oration

28 Oct 2016 19:30 / /

Join two of our #UWRF16 emerging writers, Gemi Mohawk and Bri Lee, as they celebrate the spirit of Indonesia’s youth, with the annual national youth pledge.

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Ubuntu by Motorbike

Festival Club: Ubuntu & the Art of Motorcycle Riding

Heather Ellis invites you on a life-changing odyssey across Africa by motorcycle. She’ll share her journey through one of the world’s most fascinating regions, and her search into the traditional …

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Film Program: Nay

A successful actress, Nay’s world is thrown into chaos when she discovers she’s 11 weeks pregnant. She immediately tells her boyfriend, Ben, a spoiled young man who chooses to put …

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Festival Club: Neu! Reekie!

Scotland’s favourite avant-garde noisemakers come to the UWRF stage! Don’t miss this chance to catch Neu! Reekie!’s unique performance – expect a mash-up of music, poetry and spoken word, animation …

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