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Ideas in Focus // Shining a Light

Terrorism. War. Political turbulence. Climate change. Environmental devastation. When the news is too much to bear, fiction can help us to grapple with the big issues. Featuring Kamila Shamsie, Paul …

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Ideas in Focus // China, Outspoken

Between speech and silence: activist Anastasia Lin, and human rights lawyer Teng Biao, consider the current state of free expression in China. Where is it heading, what is lost, and …

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Ideas in Focus // At the Extreme

With extreme acts hitting the headlines with frightening regularity, our panel asks what drives individuals, communities and movements to extreme action? How can we encounter it, and counter it? Featuring: …

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Ideas in Focus // USA in Asia

From military muscle in the South China Sea to protectionist policies, relations between hard-hitting global superpowers US and China have a significant impact on Southeast Asia. Our commentators take stock, …

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Ideas in Focus // All the Single Ladies

Single-by-choice, salary-independent and devoted to solo living, the single woman occupies a more powerful social, political, and economic position than ever before. What does the landscape look like across different …

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