Puri Wulandari A Boutique Resort & Spa

A single smoothly paved drive way is the only visible connection between you and the outer world. As you travel to the magnificent open lobby,you are greeted with breathtaking views of the Ayung River to the jungle green beyond revealing all 35 private villas, nestling amongst a series steep embankment downhill. With the fresh tropical tranquil nature, the distant sound of age-old rituals, and the high quality service, PuriWulandari is favorites amongst newlyweds and those who seek romantic times. From a private villa with private pool, to a four posted bed with mosquito net, to a flower bath in sunken bathtub, to a romantic dinner under the moonlight, and countless intimate moments, PuriWulandari is highly tailored to service your romantic getaway.


Jalan Raya Kedewatan, Br. Tanggayuda, Kedewatan – Ubud  | Phone: +62361980252 | Fax:+62361980253  | Email: info@hotelpuriwulandari.com or sales@hotelpuriwulandari.com | Website: www.hotelpuriwulandari.com